5 Habits of Poor People


06 Jul

Most People if not everyone wants to be rich. It’s actually good when one can afford most of their needs whenever they want and also spare some tangible bucks for investment. We came to this world poor, but if we grow old and die poor, then we have no one to blame but ourselves. Here are 5 habits that could easily cultivate your path towards a life of perpetual poverty.

1.  Procrastination.

Most people actually want to be successful but many are afraid to take on the challenging path towards prosperity.  If success is winning a marathon race, then it’s impossible to win without leaving the starting line. Poor people keep postponing action while they keep talking until the financially bright exploit the opportunities.

2. They don’t save

Savings help us undertake bigger investments in the future and the rich understand this concept very well. The poor ignore that tiny savings can add up to substantial sum with time. A penny here, and a shilling there, placed at interest, goes on accumulating, and in this way the desired result is attained. The poor will increase their consumption every time they get an additional income and at the end die poor.


3. The Poor justify their poverty

The first step towards solving a problem is taking liability. It’s a habit of the poor to justify why they are poor. They keep blaming external factors for their problems. They will blame the economy, government, their education level or parents as the reason behind their poverty. The rich see opportunity in every situation when the poor are looking for who to blame.


4. The Poor focus on financial survival.

The poor tend fight the small wars. They spend their lives chasing the house flies instead of the honey-making bees. They play the defensive game that is based on life survival instead of applying an attacking strategy that will lead them to seizing opportunities and running away with them. They will continuously look for a cost to cut instead of searching for the next income raising venture.

5. You just don’t get it!

The challenge is that you keep learning but you don’t get it. You have the best education but you fail to realize the opportunities that come with it. You see opportunities but fail to act. You are stuck in the lottery mentality that prevents you from starting small and growing big. You have all the knowledge but you lack the wisdom of exploiting it for your advantage.   



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