6 Reasons why you should be self-employed


15 Jul

In recent survey indicated that around 80 percent of Kenyans in employment want to be their own bosses instead of for someone else. Leaders alike have continuously encouraged youth to exploit the existing opportunities to get in to self-employment amid the high rate of unemployment in the country. In this article, I will give 6 good reasons why you should stop dreaming and start your journey in to self-employment.

1.You are in change of your Income

Although self-employment might not get you as much money as you desire at the beginning, your chances of raising your income is limitless. Unlike employment where your salary is almost constant irrespective of profit made, in self-employment, your income increases whenever business profit increases.

2.You can exploit your creativity

You get to make your own decisions and no one dictates to you what to do. You can easily use your creativity to make your business more competitive. You can choose the business you want, select the orders to accept and decide on what product to sell.

3.You are responsible for Your Success

It is a fact that most of our time will be spent in our work. So, when self-employed, you will have the energy and the incentive to implement strategies that will grow your business. As an employee, you might not give your 100% input because you might not be rewarded and your salary might remain the same all through. The self-employed will push hard to get things done because your success depends on it.

4.You set your own Hours

The flexibility that comes with self-employment is advantageous. You get to create your own schedule and prioritize your activities as you wish. Since you know what time is best for you, you can decide to sleep all day and work all night because it all depends on you.

5.You CAN'T get fired

As an employee, you might report to your job in the morning only to find that your employer decided to fire you and your services are no longer required.With self-employment, you don’t need to worry about someone suddenly taking away your income.

6.You will be challenged

The employed reach a point in their employment where they are used to the routine and are no longer challenged. When you embark on your own business, you will meet new challenges every time which will make you more creative. 


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